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Centennial College Case Research Centre was established in January 2015 with the support of a grant (UGC/IDS12/14) from the Research Grants Council, Hong Kong.

Centennial College Case Research Centre aims to advance case-based, integrated teaching and learning in the tertiary sector. The Centre develops business cases on companies and organizations of different sizes and natures, from listed companies, MNCs, SMEs to NGOs and social enterprises. Cases are developed on topical issues in various industries including financial services, eCommerce, IT, manufacturing, food and beverage, and retailing.

Centennial College Cases are widely adopted in classroom teaching within the College and are supplied gratis to other tertiary educational institutions in Hong Kong.

Besides case development, Centennial College Case Research Centre actively organises seminars and lectures.  It invites business leaders and industrial experts to deliver talks and share their experiences with audiences comprised mainly of undergraduates at the University of Hong Kong.  Centennial College Case Research Centre then develops case studies and videos about these speakers and their businesses for classroom instruction.

By analyzing these case studies, students have the opportunity to apply inter-disciplinary approaches to addressing real-life managerial issues, evaluating the social impact of an organization’s managerial decisions, developing strategies to generate sustainable competitive advantage, proposing solutions and designing new business models.