WiFi Services

  Network Name (SSID)  
  Centennial WiFi eduroam Universities via CSL Universities via Y5ZONE Wi-Fi.HK via Centennial College
Locations Centennial College eduroam member institutions CSL Hotspots Y5ZONE Hotspots Centennial College
Details​ User Guide User Guide User Guide User Guide User Guide
Eligible Users All Staff, Students and Teachers Full-time Staff and Students Visitors

How to use Centennial WiFi

  1. For Windows 10, please see the attached centennial_wifi_guide_for_windows10.pdf.
  2. For Windows 7, please see the attached centennial_wifi_guide_for_windows7.pdf.
  3. For iPhone / iPod Touch, please see the attached centennial_wifi_guide_for_iphone.pdf.
  4. For iPad, please see the attached centennial_wifi_guide_for_ipad.pdf.
  5. For Mac OS X, please see the attached centennial_wifi_guide_for_mac.pdf.
  6. For Android, please see the attached centennial_wifi_guide_for_android.pdf.
  7. For other devices, please use the following settings:
    Network Name (SSID) Centennial WiFi
    Authentication WPA2
    Data Encryption AES
    Trusted Root Certification Authorities GeoTrust Global CA
    Server Certificate 802.1x.centennialcollege.hku.hk